Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A little owlet's birthday cake

I can't believe a little someone is going to be one in less than 2 weeks!! It's crazy how fast it has gone by. Everyone told me so but during the 1st 6 mths I wasn't so sure...those sleepless nights were killers!  But she's finally consented to let her parents sleep and fully rested we can enjoy watching her grow (with both eyes open) and enjoy her spirited personality. 
I'm slightly in love with the owl craze at the moment and when I found this recipe I knew it was the one.  Never having made a cake such as this I decided a trial run was needed so I wouldn't end up in tears the day before her birthday because the cake wasn't baking or the thing decided to act dead and fall over.  
As you can see, the cakes did bake and the owl decided not to die and I was able to put it together and decorate it with no tears, yay!

 The original recipe called for using a 12oz pyrex bowl for the head and a quart pyrex bowl for the body. You make to 2 - 12oz bowl cakes and 2 - qt bowl cakes and put them together to make spheres. I used a qt bowl for the head and 2.5qt bowl for the body so it's squatter than the original one but will feed more than the original recipe.  You are supposed to use runts for the nose and talons but I used orange candy melts I had in the cupboard and cut them to shape. Also the eyes are supposed to have junior mints and I used chocolate chips.  I think I will get runts and junior mints for her actual birthday cake.  Not wanting the cake to remain in the house and be eaten by me 
my lucky sister gets to take the cake to work tomorrow to share! 

A few other projects I have completed. A hair pin I made awhile ago from recycled felted wool sweaters. I sewed the rose to the ribbon and hot glued it on a pin.

And a little brag book for grandmothers to keep in their purses with pictures of their super cute grandkids.

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