Monday, August 19, 2013

oreo madness

As of late I'm slightly obsessed with trying new recipes, most coming from Pinterest but not all.  I've attempted to recreate some homemade oreo cookies, several zucchini recipes, surprise surprise and a bread recipe.

First the oreo. I was introduced to the most delicious homemade "oreo" cookie at the Cake Studio in downtown Anchorage by my sister Sarah. It is to die for and it's a good thing they are located downtown or I would become a daily fixture! They are made with the chewiest but firm chocolate chocolate chip cookies and a thick but not too sweet white filling. I wish I had a picture to show you of this delicious creation but alas they don't last that long once they are in my hands :).
   So in love with them I decided to try and recreate them. After looking at multiple homemade "oreo" recipes I followed the basic filling recipe but found what I thought might be the winning cookie recipe. I wanted a cookie not a wafer like most of the recipes called for. I found the filling was too sweet for my liking and just tasted like powdered sugar so I added some cream cheese but then couldn't get it to thicken up for the life of me :(.  So on my second attempt I made the basic filling and then added just a couple of spoonfuls of my first filling attempt and it turned out better but not as thick I wanted. But by then my cookies were done and I was impatient to sample my wares. Tasty though they were my cookie wasn't as chewy/firm as I wanted, it was more on the cakey side and the filling definitely needed to be thicker as it squished out but they were definitely edible! Tweaking is definitely needed but that will have to wait until my waist recovers...I may have sampled a fair number for quality control! Anyone have any suggestions to help me in my quest to perfect my recreation?

stay tuned for more recipes

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