Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Craft Fair #1

WOO HOO, we survived craft fair 1 of 4...that's right I said 4! Somehow Sarah convinced me we should add one more fair as we were marginally(just marginally!!!) better prepared this year with product than last year :).  Thankfully only 2 of them are back to back Saturdays so I'm not freaking out yet.  While our declaration to meet up once a week starting this summer to work on product didn't happen (no surprise to our husbands) we did manage to meet up enough to not have to pull any all nighters this year!!!

We sold baby slippers, mittens, headbands, hairpins, Christmas tree ornaments, baby balls, dog toys and wreaths, all made from felted wool sweaters. We, meaning Sarah, changed up our display for a more rustic look this year and I have to say I like it better than last yrs. Much easier for people to get to all the product. It wasn't as busy as last year but we were kept busy!  Here's hoping our other craft fairs go as well!!

Happy Crafting

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