Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pippa Penguin and Poppy Puffin

Recently, both Nathania and I have been on the "lets make something new to sell" kick. This may come from the fact that both of us are tired of making our little Christmas trees. Nathania was the brain behind the cute little snowmen that we had at our last show (and will have again at our next one), and I more recently have jumped on the train with these cute new additions to our line-up.

Introducing Pippa the Penguin and her friend Poppy Puffin:

I had previously made Mr. Puffin for a charity auction and he was quite large, but Poppy Puffin is the perfect size for an ornament. I'm contemplating putting bows on Poppy...what do you think?

 Pippa the Penguin is also the perfect size for the Christmas tree. Each "Pippa" will be individualized, with no two being exactly the same. 

These two fine ladies will be making their debut at the next show, but if you're from out of town and want one...let us know and we'll revive our Etsy shop.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Alaskan Christmas Bazaar 2014

We are half-way through our craft-fair season, with only one more show to go!
This past weekend, we were at the Alaskan Christmas Bazaar at Anchorage City Church and were thrilled to see so many of you there! It was by far the busiest this show has ever been. We had a steady stream of people from before the show started until at least 3:30, which is rare. We loved every minute of it. Thank you to all of you who came out. We saw plenty of friendly faces and met many new people. It was great!

This is the only picture I took...but at least there is a picture, which is an improvement from our last show!

We now a have a break until the Wonderfully Made Christmas Bazaar at Cornerstone Church on 12/13/14. If you didn't get a chance to come out this past weekend, hopefully we will see you then!

Sarah and Nathania

Monday, November 10, 2014

New Products this year!

This year we have some great new products that we are selling at the craft fairs!
First off we have wreaths:

The wreaths come in two sizes and have flowers that are made with vintage buttons. They are made with a multitude of colors and we have different color combos for every holiday!

This is one of our smaller wreaths.

Large wreath perfect for Easter or Valentines day....or everyday!

Next Hop...Cashmere bunnies! Nathania came up with these cute creations and we're making them exclusively with our cashmere wool. We have some that have wool and cotton for some pizazz and then some that are completely made out of cashmere!

Finally today, we have our friendly snowmen. These are perfect additions to your Christmas tree. Each one is hand embroidered, and has a whimsical touch unique to each snowman.

Hope to see you at one of our shows!


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Craft Fair Season!

Hey all! The craft fair season is upon us!!! WOOHOO! I do love a good craft fair, and I find them so fun when I get to be a vendor too!

We had our first craft fair last Saturday at South High school...but did we take any pictures? Not a single one.

I wish I could say it was because we were so busy selling things...which we did...but it was mostly because we have a new booth design, and it didn't quite work out the way we wanted it to. One of us had to hold something up the whole day...or it would come crashing down. Yeah it was pretty janky!
Lets just say I have minimal construction skills and they were gone by the time I got to the second part of our display. oops! It will be fixed by our next show. 

We did however have a great time meeting new people and seeing so many familiar faces!

Speaking of our next shows,  we will be at the following shows in the next couple of months:

Alaskan Christmas Bazaar
Anchorage City Church
1301 West100th Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska 99515
Saturday November 15th, 2014
10 AM until 5PM
We will be located in the nursery, right off the main auditorium.

Wonderfully Made Christmas Bazaar
Cornerstone Church
10431 Brayton Drive Anchorage, AK 99507
Saturday December 13th, 2014
10 AM until 5PM
Our booth is located in the main sanctuary near the stage.

(the sunset last night!)

We hope to see you there!

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