Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pippa Penguin and Poppy Puffin

Recently, both Nathania and I have been on the "lets make something new to sell" kick. This may come from the fact that both of us are tired of making our little Christmas trees. Nathania was the brain behind the cute little snowmen that we had at our last show (and will have again at our next one), and I more recently have jumped on the train with these cute new additions to our line-up.

Introducing Pippa the Penguin and her friend Poppy Puffin:

I had previously made Mr. Puffin for a charity auction and he was quite large, but Poppy Puffin is the perfect size for an ornament. I'm contemplating putting bows on Poppy...what do you think?

 Pippa the Penguin is also the perfect size for the Christmas tree. Each "Pippa" will be individualized, with no two being exactly the same. 

These two fine ladies will be making their debut at the next show, but if you're from out of town and want one...let us know and we'll revive our Etsy shop.


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