Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Munchies: pizza with pizazz!!!

For thanksgiving this year I decided that turkey was not going to be on the menu, and that instead we were going to have pizza.... but with pizazz. Andy was game for it and we had some people from church over who liked the idea as they were having their big thanksgiving meal on Friday. Some weeks ago I had a fig, prosciutto, and goat cheese pizza at a restaurant and decided I was going to try making my own. I looked online to find a recipe that had all the ingredients that the one at the restaurant did...but couldn't find what I was looking for so I made it up:)
You'll need the following:
Pizza dough
Prosciutto about a 3rd of a pound
Dried figs sliced up-- about 5 figs
Lemon juice
Goat cheese

Roll out the dough, and preheat the oven to 450. Put the mozzarella and dried figs on the pizza and put in the oven for about 10 minutes or until the crust is done. While the pizza is cooking tear the prosciutto up into smaller pieces and take about 2 handfuls of arugula and toss it Ina some lemon juice and about a 1/2 teaspoon of thyme. When the pizza is cooked, take out and put the prosciutto on top and then the arugula. After the meat and arugula have been added, crumble some goat cheese on top. Let cool and you have a great pizza!

The other pizza we tried was mother copy from a restaurant, but not the same one! This one was a spicy chicken Thai pizza. You'll need the following:
Pizza dough
Peanut sauce-- bought from the grocery store
Cooked chicken-- canned or rotisserie
Shredded carrot--1 big one
Bean sprouts
Green onion

Roll out the dough thin and put the peanut sauce and the chicken on top. Cook few to ten minutes at 450 , or until the crust is cooked. Meanwhile chop up three stalks of green onions and toss with the carrots and sprouts. Add fresh cilantro as well. Once the pizza is done, top it with the sprout mixture and enjoy! The spice is in the peanut sauce.

It was fun making gourmet pizzas! Both were relatively easy and super tasty:) we'll be making them again for sure. Nathania also has a great salmon pizza we tried that she will add later!
Are there any fun pizzas you've tried lately?

Happy cooking!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Munchies: Enchiladas


I participate in Foodie PenPals with the Lean Green Bean. My penpal, Michelle, sent me some green salsa and suggested making some green enchiladas with a suggested recipe. I’ve never really used green salsa, so I went for it.

Heres what I did:
I used cooked ground beef that I had on hand, about cup and a half.
I added a generous handful of spinach, chopped up
I put in some goat cheese—about a ¼ of a cup
Chedder cheese, as much as you want
I chopped up a little bit of orange pepper— ¼ of the pepper


Mix this all up in a bowl. Michelle uses pepperjack and ricotta, as well as some Mexican seasoning. I used what was in my cupboards.

I put the mixture in some flour tortillas and then put in a casserole dish. I pour the jar of salsa over the rolled tortillas and then added some chees on top. Michelle gets fancy with some jalapeƱos…but I didn’t have any!

Put the casserole dish in the oven at about 350, until the cheese is bubbly and browned slightly.

This was soooo good.  Michelle had sent me the salsa from Trader Joes, which is not a place I can go to…we don’t have one in the state…boo! So I will have to find an alternative here in Anchorage. Andy said the only thing he would change is to add some chopped onions( he would eat an onion like an apple…that’s how much he loves onion!).

Try it and let me know how you like it!

Happy Cooking!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

We've done it...

We've joined Facebook that is! We would love to have you "like" us! We'll try to update and post pictures often!
We're under Sew Dutch Sisters!
As for those other two....twitter and pintrest...we haven't made that leap yet!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Numero Dos

Craft Fair that is.... last Saturday we had our second Craft fair of the season. What's nice about this on is that you get to set up the night before, therefore allowing more sleep in the AM! So we set up the night before and still managed to forget things in the a camera, and other things. Craft Fairs can be funny things. We sold the same things as the previous sale, but different things were popular. We sold out of Christmas Tree ornaments quite quickly, but barely sold mittens...but I'm not complaining! Overall it was a successful day. We had fun, we sold a fair amount of things, and we have there weeks to get ready for the next one!
The above picture is what happens when you're slap-happy tired setting up  your booth! But good advertisement right?
Happy crafting!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Craft Fair #1

WOO HOO, we survived craft fair 1 of 4...that's right I said 4! Somehow Sarah convinced me we should add one more fair as we were marginally(just marginally!!!) better prepared this year with product than last year :).  Thankfully only 2 of them are back to back Saturdays so I'm not freaking out yet.  While our declaration to meet up once a week starting this summer to work on product didn't happen (no surprise to our husbands) we did manage to meet up enough to not have to pull any all nighters this year!!!

We sold baby slippers, mittens, headbands, hairpins, Christmas tree ornaments, baby balls, dog toys and wreaths, all made from felted wool sweaters. We, meaning Sarah, changed up our display for a more rustic look this year and I have to say I like it better than last yrs. Much easier for people to get to all the product. It wasn't as busy as last year but we were kept busy!  Here's hoping our other craft fairs go as well!!

Happy Crafting
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