Tuesday, July 2, 2013

O Sewdutch sisters, Where art thou?

Well, we've been awful at updating the blog...
but that doesn't mean we haven't been doing anything!
As national news has put it...Alaska is baking...
Or at least was.
For the entire month of June we had ridiculous temperatures and beautiful days. It was great except for the couple of days where it got so hot it was unbearable...80s up here is unbearable. We don't have AC in most buildings...so its hot. But because it was so beautiful, we've been out doing all kinds of things...hiking, camping, fishing, painting, biking...yah know the stuff we can't do in the winter!
I also was on my own for a couple of weeks as Andy climbed Mt. McKinley. (if you want to check out his amazing pictures....go here). So I got down to some projects that I had wanted to do for a long time. My pictures are a little crappy due to the fact that he brought the camera on his expedition. So I phone pictures it is.
I have multiple post in the wings so if you've stuck around there will (fingers crossed) be posts the rest of the week.
To begin I have the remediation of the ugly purple/maroon door.
This is the ugly purple/maroon door.
I may have forgotten to take a full picture of the door...and had already started painting, so this will suffice for a close up.
It was super crappy paint job. You could see the brush strokes and the white underneath...and the paint was all over the handle and lock. Sloppy.
Now, our house is tan with forest green trim. Not a whole lot goes with the lovely green. Even the gutters are green so I can't just paint the trim.
I thought about what color for a long time. Red would look to Christmasy. Yellow, Orange and Purple were out.  Brown was boring, and so was Green. So I decided on a Blue. It was a perfect choice. It looks way better.
I even took the hardware off and cleaned it up with some citraslov. It just looks classier overall.
No paint splatters on the handle, a full coverage of paint...and just all-together better!
Wanna know what's even better? It took about 2 hours to do the whole thing. Two coats and all...cause it was hot that day and the paint dried in record time:)
I love projects that can make such an impact but take little to no time at all.
What do you think?
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