Wednesday, May 25, 2011

dresser revamp

So a couple of weeks ago, Andy and I found this dresser on the side of the road being given away for free...well the dutch in me cannot forgo free we put it in the back of our car. Being that we were going to move within the next week, the most logical place for it to reside was still the back of our car! There it stayed until this past weekend when we moved into our new place!

Now, structurally this dresser was pretty good, but it had a some dings and some wood missing...nothing I couldn't fix. The same day we found the dresser I found a sander at a garage sale for $20 with sandpaper, and some wood putty for a dollar.

It's a pretty standard dresser...nothing too special, but I thought it would be a great place for me to store fabric, and being that my fabric would be contained...well Andy couldn't argue too much:)

It definitely had some scratches that needed to be sanded out...unfortunately not all did...but hey it adds character!

Yesterday I decided that I was going to get the dresser done...Andy claimed it would become kindling if I didn't get it done it a timely manner so yesterday was a great day for it!

This is how it turned out. I really like the color--which was paint that I got for free at another garage sale--SCORE!-- and the handles actually look okay. I may spray paint them white, but for now they are fine. Also the missing handles are in the car it resided in, and it's at work with Andy, so will be added later.The top is still a little rough, so I may get some paper to cover it...but for now it's functional and I like the way it looks overall


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