Saturday, December 10, 2011

Crafty Bonanza day 10...Giveaway!!!!

Yay for giveaways! Nathania and I are pleased to announce Sew Dutch Sisters first giveaway. What a better way to get in the holiday spirit right? And in our mind, anything free is a good thing:)
We will be giving the following headbands away to three lucky readers!

Multi-colored Baby Headband

 Black and White Adult Headband

 Two Toned Gray Adult Headband

The adult headbands have the no slip stuff on the back so they won't move when they are put in their proper place!

So now that you know the goods we're sending out, here are the rules:
2 ways of entry
1. Become a "Follower" of Sew Dutch through GFC --if you do so... PLEASE LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENT's how you enter the giveaway!!
2. Tell us what your favorite post from the Crafty Bonanza

Good Luck!



  1. Hmmmm...being a dutchie myself, I sure would enjoy something free! I really liked the idea for the potpourri...looks like something I might try...I love the smell of Christmas. I also like this post :) I don't think I've seen these headbands before on your blog. Must have missed an entry. Sounds like you're having fun preparing for Christmas, I'm loving ALL your entries!

  2. Don't forget to post a comment if you become a follower!!!!

  3. I would LOVE to make that potpourri... it must smell heavenly!
    I also blogged about your giveaway, so sign up people! :o)

  4. I started following your blog a long time ago, but just became an official follower! I appreciate your sense of crafting, especially since I am not crafty at all! I liked your post on the "white treats" since I know that is something I could actually do! Looking forward to the rest of the bonanza days!

  5. Love you Sarah! Sorry I misse your call yesterday. The black and white headband is super cute! You guys do good work! I found a book I like called Liberty Book of Home Sewing, you should put it on your Christmas List. :)

  6. I'm a follower :) I thought the painted glass was pretty cool, I would love to see it in red. :)

  7. I am a follower now too! Took me a minute to figure out what GFC was, but I got it ;) I like the painted glass, I might have to try that one out :)


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