Friday, December 16, 2011

Crafty Bonanza 16....magazine revamp

Anybody else out there see all the different Christmas trees made out of recycled magazines and books? Well I seem to run into them that means I have to try them right?
Most of the different blogs I've run into use two magazines to make their trees....but they used skinny magazines. I have a plethora of Real Simple magazines lying around the house, so I figured one of those would equal two skinny ones.

Most of the trees I've seen, either cut the bottom parts off or fold them up. I didn't want to do either...too much work, plus I liked the look of the bottom. It mad it look more like a Christmas tree to me. The problem with keeping the bottom was that it couldn't stand up on it's own without bending the paper...totally defeating leaving it on. SO....
I busted out the glue gun and some skewers I had, as well as a bottom to a little pot that I had gotton as a gift...voila a instant tree stand. It's a little wonky, and hasn't found it's permanent home yet!

It was super easy, only taking about an it's your turn to try one:)


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