Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crafty Bonanza Day 1...cover up your indecent tree!!!

A few weeks back my best friend texted me with a request to make a tree skirt. They just built a house and its the first year they were having a tree at their place. When asked what color...she listed pretty much every color but orange, so I just picked what I thought she would like.  Although I've never made one before I decided I would give it a whirl...without a pattern:) I guess thats just how I roll. I don't really like following patterns, and can usually figure things out by trial...and error, but luckily this tree skirt turned out pretty well! I used my own tree skirt as a template of sorts, but thats where my patternish following ended.

It never fails when I try to take a picture of something...she sits on it...only to be frocibly removed! (Chels--if there is black Lucy fur on your skirt, it weren't my fault!) But she is cute!

After the forcible removal of the pup.

This is a close up of the buttons that go up an down the seams. I just randomly put buttons down the seam and I think they look great...kinda like snow falling
(sorry for the blurry pic...we're getting a new camera!)

I actually zig-zagged the edges...wholy moley did that take a long time! Pinning and I aren't the closest of friends, but it was necessary to achieve the look that I wanted. Did I measure perfectly...nope, but it was pretty darn close. Overall I think she'll like it...and by the time this is posted I really, really hope she got the package! She promised to take a picture covering up the indecent Christmas that will be posted at a later date!

Happy Sewing!

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