Saturday, December 24, 2011

Crafty Bonanza day 24....Holy Cowl! A winner!

GIVEAWAY WINNER is...Jean in BC! Congratulations! Please email us with your favorite colors and address so that we can get the mittens made and sent out!

So...I may have gotton a little obsessed with the cowl necklaec thing....and I made three more today!
I tried three different versions...and I think I like them all!
This coral colored one is not quite long enough to make it around the neck twice, but it gives an outfit a lovely burst of color...

This braided one is from Andy's inspiration...he suggested that I make one out of a loose braid...I think it turned out really well! It's a little fuller than the other ones.

 Last but not least is the blue and is able to be wrapped around twice for a fuller look.
For all of the cowls I used a thicker acrylic yarn, and for the braided and then blue one, I used two differnet colors, adding to the chains thickness. I've really got to stop making them...not sure what I'll do with these:) but they are so fun to make! If there is interest in seeing them on a person I can try to take a picture tomorrow!

Happy Christmas Eve!


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  1. Thank You! and Merry Christmas to all the family up in Alaska!


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