Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crafty Bonanza Day 27....blanket and quilt for Mr. Bear

I have been looking for a cradle for Aria...Nathania's daughter...for a long, long, long, time. The Dutch in me doesn't want to pay too much for it so I have been patiently watching craigslist and the thrift stores. Well yesterday I went to Value Village and found a cradle!!! It was however, not as big as I wanted, but then I realized that it would be perfect for this bear she carries around EVERYWHERE! Nathania actually has three of them so that she can wash a dirty one and Aria can always have one:)
So, the cradle is not done...it needs some cleaning up yet, but I thought I would show the bedding that I made. First I made a little mattress out of some muslin and scraps of batting that I had on hand.
I then proceeded to make a little quilt.

I did some funky stitching to actually quilt it but I think it turned out pretty cute...still have to stitch the binding on the back:)

It's a little big for the cradle, but it will be perfect for the bear and when it's folded in half it fits just right:)

Not, wanting Aria to have only one blanket I made a little crochet blanket!

Not sure if I'm gonna keep the cradle a wood color or paint it....what do you think I should do?

Happy Sewing!


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  1. When I first saw that adorable cradle I thought it looked very scandinavian, and that it would look super cute in a glossy red with some white and red bedding. But then I saw your quilt and that wouldn't work! lol
    An antiqued/ distressed white would look really nice...


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