Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crafty Bonanza Day 31....we made it!

GUESS WHAT???? WE MADE IT!!!! Sorry...slightly excited that we actually were able to do a post a day!! Now, I don't know if this will continue to happen daily, but I think we are in more of a mindset to post more regularly:)
I promised to show the finished framed project from yesterday, so here it is:
There is more room to add more frames which I like! Also, the blank spot on the patches is for a specific patch I went all around town for yesterday, but couldn't find. I also...the blond in me the wrong this is Andy's old one being a place holder until the stores open again and I can go get the right map. I'm going to put it on a white foam board and then he can put pins in the peaks he's already done.

The skis are his old ones...he got TWO new pairs this year! They aren't actually good skis anymore...the binding are no longer safe so I put them on the wall! He really liked the final product...which is all I wanted:)

We hope you enjoyed following the Crafty Bonanza!
Happy New Year!



  1. Love the yellow wall! And the display with the map and skis are great. Happy New Year!

  2. The ski stuff looks really great, Sarah!
    Happy New Year....


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