Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crafty Bonanza Day 6....ornaments please

With limited budget for Christmas decoration...plus I like homemade stuff...I came up with this fantastic idea of stringing up some tiny ornaments that I got in tubes for a buck each at Target( LOVE their dollar section!). All I did was tie 8 ornaments together randomly on a piece of white thread and hung them from the garland on our banister/railing thing.

This is a better view...simple, but it adds some fun to the decorations! I suppose you could use floss or fishing wire too...thread is what I had readily available and it worked out great!

We also decorated this weekend! YAY! I love the glow of Christmas lights, it makes things so cozy! We have a 4 foot tree that I snagged at an after Christmas day sale for 20 bucks a couple years back...so wish we had a Hobby Lobby here...and it's pre-lit. AWESOME! Some of my favorite ornaments on there are the ones Andy made when he was little...one is a great picture of him in like first grade, with a wreath as a frame. It has the laser background...so 90's and I love it! Does anybody else remember the laser background?
Yup, it's on a table...keeps it away from Lucy and then is visable from the road. Win, Win in my book!


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  1. And you are giving the outside world the illusion you have a 7 foot tree instead! ;o)


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