Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crafty Bonanza Day 4....O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

So we're always looking for new ways to use up the scrap wool we have from making slippers and mittens. We saw some of these ornaments--somewhere can't remember where!--and so Nathania decided to try them out. How cute are they?
 Being the "orderly" on of us, Nathania made most of them with a pattern in mind...she tried to make some that were random, and in my opinion they turned out just as great as the other more orderly ones!
She is much better at taking pictures, as you can see, and I think they look super cute outside, among the real evergreens.
We made 10 of them and all but 3 sold at the craft show yesterday.
Ah the craft show...kinda a bust. We have some wonderful freezing rain going on here in Anchorage that we think affected the attendance. Not so sure we'll do this one again next live and learn I guess!!

up close cute are they? And this was one of the more random ones, fantastic right?
After the craft show we enjoyed some of our spoils eating some tasty burgers. The perfect way to end the craft show season.
 And last but not least is the picture of the tree skirt on Chelseas beautiful gives some more perspective on the size!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Those trees are adorable! I might just have to order one for my tree... :o)


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