Friday, October 19, 2012

Craft Fair Readiness: Designing your Booth

3rd day of ready? This is probably one of the most important aspects of selling your wares at a craft fair--designing your booth. Your booth is what draws people in. If it looks crowded, thrown together, or boring--you may not have as good of sales...and you're at the fair to sell stuff!
So, here we go:
Designing your booth

1. Think Out Your Booth: Think about your design ahead of time. Tape out your booth space, practice your set up. Make sure the ideas in your head work ahead of time. We had an idea, and then practiced it...and it didn't work...but we had time to change it because we tried it out ahead of time.
2. Utilize the Vertical: Most booth spaces aren't very big, usually just big enough to have a table or two. Just laying your stuff on the table doesn't really attract people to the booth. Using vertical gives you more room to display, shows off your stuff in a more attractive manner, and draws attention to your booth.
3. Use a Unique Way to Display: We used a Christmas tree, some tree branches and an old suitcase to display our wares. This gave our display a unique look. Don't get me wrong, bookcases/shelves have their place, but having a unique/different way to show of your stuff will set you apart. Think outside the'll pay off.
4. Decorate for the Season: Some craft fairs have contests for their vendors. We won the most Festive Booth award at one of our shows last year. Getting into the mood at a Christmas show makes this more fun...but also may give you some good reasons to use different things to use to displays things.
5. Tell the World Who You Are: Put up a sign, have some business cards, or contact information. People like to know how to get a hold of you afterwards...or to look you up the next year. This is especially important if you're wanting to grow your business more!
6. Signage, Signage, Signage: Don't forget to label the price of your items with a sign. We totally forgot about this our first craft fair and we had to put up ugly signs...yah sure better than nothing, but definitely detracting from the booths look. Some people don't want to ask for a they'll just walk away.
7. Easy Access: Design your booth with accessibility in mind. Make it so your customers won't get bogged down when they are looking at your stuff. We didn't think about this our first craft fair and our booth got bogged down. Easier it is to access...the more people are able to look at your stuff!

Happy Crafting!

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