Friday, October 26, 2012

Craft Fair Prep: Day of Sale Reminders

On the day of your Sale you’ll probably be pretty excited! We were…and we forgot a whole bunch of stuff. Uh-oh! So here are some things you won’t want to forget!

Day of Sale Reminders!

1. Money, Money, Money, Money!! Don’t forget to go to the bank the day before and get a whole bunch of ones, fives, and tens. Have a few twenties—but those will probably come with the day, so don’t worry too much about it. But seriously, go the day before. We forgot about this our first sale….and the bank didn’t open until after the sale had started….husbands to the rescue! We remembered for the next oneJ

2. Place to Write Checks: Have a decent place to write checks and a pen. Once again this was a rookie mistake of ours. I think this year we’ll have a clipboard. Also, have a sign that spells out the name of the person who you want the checks made out to…with us it is paramount, cause Nathania and my last name sound nothing like they are spelled!

3. Storage: Both for the containers you bring your wares in, and your money. We stored our containers under the table…and had a pretty table cloth to go over it . Hide your mess…it’s worth it!  Also, figure out where you’ll put your money. We had a cigar box last year that was hidden. This year we’ll have aprons, but we’ll probably still put the big stuff in a safe location.

4. Chairs: Bring something to sit on during the lulls. It will be a long day…we had one chair…for our first one. SOOO not comfortable! Some places provide a chair, others don’t. Bring one or two just in case!

5. Food Glorious Food! Bring enough food to last the day…and beverages! That is unless you want to get the fair food…but it’s usually a hot dog and pop. Water is key…you’ll feel better if you bring some!

This concludes our Craft Fair Prep miniseries. Are there any questions? We would be more than willing to do another post answering questions!

Good Luck and Happy Crafting


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