Who are the sisters?

We're sisters living in the Great Land of Alaska, and no we don't live in igloos! We love to craft using things we already have, recycling and refurbishing and who doesn't love a good recipe now and then? We love a good freebie as well and seeing what we can do with it. Sewing, crafting, felting, just a dab of this and that....we're gonna start a Etsy shop shortly, so look for it soon!

Here's a little more about us:
~Part of a twin set...I'm older
~Moved to Alaska on a whim, 8 years ago
~have the cutest daughter ever
~ I like triathlons
~ I might be the type A of the two sisters...
~ Collecting unfinished projects is a hobby of mine
~  I love anchovy stuffed olives...yummmm
~ betcha $10 you can't pronounce my name:)

-I'm younger
-I'm blonde
-I'm married to my college sweetheart...he's pretty awesome!
-Water and I go well together...it makes me happy
-I don't like chocolate or coffee
-I have a growing affinity for skirts...never thought that would happen!
-I work in a school, but I'm not a teacher
-I have a strange adoration of pigs
-Neat is not a word that is used to describe me
-I have an awesome puppy named Lucy

If you have any questions...just ask!

1 comment:

  1. We were in Alaska in September. I fell in love with the country, although I don't think my husband would be able to live there, I think I could. Just found your blog and I am already enjoying it and exploring all around it.


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