Sunday, February 26, 2012

check one off the list

YAY! I finished! I finally finished re-doing...well actually just re-painting one of our bathrooms...we have 3 full baths, which is slightly overkill in my opinion...but such is life. Our bathroom in the basement was this loverly brown when we moved in...and in my humble opinion it looked like poop, especially with the tile that is EVERYwhere. So I needed a change.

Halfway through last summer I got really crazy and tried painting one wall this really pale green...well it was too minty and I didn't tape/prepare/do a good job. This project was abandoned until about proximately 4ish weeks ago (I'm really good at starting things...but not a good finisher...ask my mom:p). I found some mistinted paint at Lowes that I thought would go with the I rallied the troops, aka Andy, and we taped and painted three walls.
Lovely before pictures....

The white is actually green....but not the right green...anyhoo we painted the 3 walls that are still brown in the before pictures with the champange-like color that I found at Lowes and really liked it, but we thought it really need some more color.
My friend Krista had painted her kitchen a color that I loved and I thought would go with the tile...and she had a whole bunch of samples, which she let me use! I found the right shade, called Window Shopping (Valspar). I had tried all the samples she gave me...and the one I thought looked awful, just so happened to be the one she used, and well vice versa she thought the Window Shopping looked like dog vomit...just goes to show you that paint looks so much different with different lighting! We both like what each of us used:) We painted the wall that I had attacked earlier in the summer that color. We think it gave the room just the bit of oomph it needed.

Can you see the difference in the wall color?


 We also had to remove all the caulking around the was old, painted over and done really badly. I got it all off and Andy re-caulked it. I wanted clear, but he accidentily used looks fine, so I don't really care:)

I ended up using a brown shower curtain that I already had and we hung up a picture that we had sitting around for ages up to add some color.  I also used the same fixtures that were there...they all matched and were in good condition. Although gold is not my favorite, I'm too cheap to go out and get new stuff! I actually think it goes well with the tile.
Overall I'm super happy with the way it turned out. The only other change I may make is to get a wooden toilet seat cover. I think it would go better overall, but we weren't thinking about that when we replaced it...we just wanted the foamy cracked, nasty seat that was there gone!

This is some awsome wallpaper we found under the shower curtain attachment...I thought it was just under that part...but found out later that they never took the wall paper down, they just painted over it. Fantastic right?....NOT! But I just painted over it too. Oh well.

What do you think?

Happy Painting!


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  1. Wow! What a difference! Great job, Sarah ...and Andy!
    This color makes it look so much bigger and cleaner!


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