Monday, February 27, 2012

Here we go again....

Howdy hoo—
Yup that’s what I said howdy hoo to you! Hope things are going well for ya'll in your neck of the woods…it’s been getting lighter and warmer here, which is something we can’t complain about!

So we’ve all heard about March Madness…the whole college basketball thing…well that has never been our cup of tea (although if you met me in person one of the first questions you may ask is if I played basketball… cause I'm tall....which I would say no, you don’t want to see how uncoordinated I am!), but I Nathania and I decided that we wanted to do another monthly series…so instead of March Madness we have for you:

Huzzah!!! Yup, we decided that in theme with our blogs mission of frugality we would have a whole month of using stuff we had. We have a few rules we are going to follow:

1. We use only what we have in the house---no shopping trips to Joann's, Home Depot, Michael's or the Thrift Store, etc…
2. We finish projects that have been started and abandoned first…get er done!
3. If we need an additional item, we can call a friend/sister to see if they have it, but if not…no dice…we make do!
4. We put up a post every day! AHHH!!
5. Host a linky party…yup stepping it up…every Monday!

Them's the rules. We're gonna stick to it...hopefully...and you'll be proud of us...we already have some projects ready to show, a sure sign that we're fully committed and not procrastinating. 

So who wants to join us? I know that there are plenty of people out there who have plenty of unfinished projects; large enough stashes to stock a store, and who just need a reason to stop procrastinating…all categories of which Nathania and I fall into…so join us for Make DO March and reduce the stash, get the projects done and get your rear in gear!

Series will start March 1st, so stay tuned! You know there will be a giveaway or two...

Ready? Hope so!



  1. I actually don't have a huge stash of fabric, but I do have a list of things to make that is a mile long... maybe this will get my rear in gear! ;o)

    1. Yay we hope you'll join, especially for the linky parties:)


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