Saturday, February 11, 2012

Come ski with me!

This winter my husband and I decided to buy ourselves some skate skis and today I decided to make some ski straps after seeing my friends.  I have this awful mustard soft shell jacket that my husband hates which I decided to use, one because he hates it and I'm not so keen on it and two because it's stretchy and I felt it would be perfect.  I cut 4 rectangles and sewed down the sides and voila, I was done.

To keep the skis separated I put some cardboard into the middle pocket (you can just see it in the picture) to make it thicker.  I thought about sewing that middle pocket shut but felt if the cardboard got wet and I had to replace it I really didn't want to have to pick it open and resew it. I might look around for some plastic that I can replace the cardboard with and when I find that I will sew it shut but for now the cardboard works for me!


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