Sunday, February 12, 2012

order up!

A while back, friends of Nathanias gave us some sweaters that their mom had when they were growing up. Their parents recently sold the farm they grew up on and they wanted some mittens made out of the sweaters as a momento.... of the sweaters they had was a very bright peach color...and the other two blue...we weren't sure how they were all going to turn out with the color combo, but they turned out great! Kinda retro....and it works. There are three sisters so we made them all just a little different.

 They turned out cute right? All similar, but definitely unique...just what they ordered! Now comes the fun part....we added some special touches and a few more products....

SPECIAL TAGS!!!!!! all of the sweaters were cardigans that had a ribbon behind the button we used that to make tags. They have their moms initials on one side and

Their first initial on the other! Can't mix them up this way!!!!

We also made cute headbands (isn't the model cute?) for their daughters...surprise!!!

We also made some cute new warm headbands for the sisters....these are still in the development stage and may become a product...what do you think?

They are fleece nice and warm!!! We think they may need to be a little thinner...

They are all different and go with a specific pair o if these are your moms sweaters...surprise!!!!
We hope you like it all!

Happy sewing!


  1. Oh my word!! They turned out so great! I love the tag--what a neat touch. And the head bands are super cute. Thank you so much!!!


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