Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine garland

I'm into making hearts this Valentine's Day and love how these ones turned out! Simple and cute and I got to use up some scraps! A perfect little garland for my fireplace.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ski for women 2013

Every year on Super Bowl Sunday the Anchorage Nordic Association puts on the Ski for Women. It starts with the freestyle and classical races and ends with the Party Wave in which women get dressed up in all sorts of awesome costumes.  Last year I did the race but this year decided to just do the Party Wave with a group after not getting a chance to really ski beforehand due to illness, not enough snow and single digits.  I only ski when it's 10F or above!
       Our theme was Disney Princesses!!!! Yay....having no Disney Princess dresses that fit someone older than 2,  my friend Alecia and I headed to Value Village to see what we could find.  I had no specific princess picked out and was hoping a dress would speak to me and show me it's inner princess.  Four racks in this purple dress shouted out "Jasmine"  to me!  It would take some quick sewing as the Ski for Women was in 3 days but I do my best work under pressure!! :)
I consulted my sewing consultant, aka my mom with my plan, got the news that it sounded easily doable and set to work. 

I started by cutting the skirt in half and sewing them into legs.  I then hemmed the bottom of my new pants and put elastic in them. Because there was sooo much fabric the legs ended up poofing perfectly!!  I forgot to listen to my sewing consultant and cut and sewed the legs up too far but because the body was soooo long and made of knit material it was not a problem. I pulled the pants down a little farther than I had thought I would and it worked out  perfectly. I then cut the top off and cut 2 more strips of purple off the bodice.  I used one strip for my sleeves and the other for a headband.  I just hemmed the bottom of my new top, added elastic, my little cap sleeves and finally silver see through sleeves.  The silver material was from my wedding, I love using up things I have already!

I also made a silver skirt (not sure what else to call it) to go over my pants to finish it off.  I was very happy with how it turned out, especially since I've never done anything like this before!  I bought a long black wig, big gold earrings and added one of Aria's jewels to my headband and it was done.  I wore a flesh colored tank top under my top to give the illusion of bare skin and it worked perfect!

Alecia found a blue dress and yellow skirt to become Snow White. She added white puffy sleeves that she made with some other left over gauzy material I had, bought a wig  and gloves and the transformation was complete!
Jasmine and Snow White after our ski!  Pretty authentic don't you think?  You know you do well when people identify you by name as you ski by!!!! It was a lot of fun and we can't wait for next year. We're thinking of costumes already!!  Any ideas of what we should do??


Friday, February 1, 2013

Circle of Love

With Valentine's Day coming soon I decided to make some decorations for the house. I had been making some small wool hearts for a bunting and decided to make some larger ones with letters on them. I started small with LOVE and really liked how they turned out!!

 I was going to put them on a bunting until I found an old Christmas wreath in the garage. I love updating things so I removed the dusty fake flowers and gave it new life with the heart letters, but that wasn't needed something else! 

So I added a string of hearts made with some of the many wool sweaters I have laying around the house. 

It was super easy and I love how it turned out.

What Valentine's Day decorations have you been making?


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