Friday, February 10, 2012

whooo's there....

It's a cute Alaskan wild owl...a tasty one by the looks of it as well!!!  I realize you've seen him before but there is something different about this guy!. Can you spot it...?? 

If you said bushy eyebrows and cute little orange claws you would be correct!!!  (And kudos on your good eyesight as my pics are not the best ) I realize it's nothing major but I really like the eyebrows, I think it gives him a bit more character and the claws are more 3D than what I used last time. One of these days I will branch out and try my hand at a different cool cake but teachers at my sister's school requested this guy for their Winter Festival after I sent the first attempt of this cake to them last September. He will be raffled off and the proceeds go towards the school PTA.  If you love him and want one of you own you can go here.

Anywhooo that is all for now (and my attempts at bird humor)!


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