Monday, December 5, 2011

Crafty Bonanza Day 5....painted glass

So I've been look at different craft blogs and I saw this cute way to recycle your old glass jars. Since we have no place to recycle glass here in Alaska, I thought it would be a great way to use the glass jars instead of throwing them away. On the tutorial, they made blue ones which were super cute, and I thought making yellow or orange would look great. So I started with yellow and this is what I got:
I think I coated it too heavy, and mine did not turn as iridescent as the ones on the tutorial. Don't you love the dripping glue spots?...So try one was a failure.

Determined to make the glass look like the one in the tutorial I tried again...I gathered my supplies and set off to work.

This time I decided to try orange...and I added a little water. Other sites did there glass painting with modge podge which is basically a more runny glue, figured it wouldn't hurt to try.

This was the color I tried painting on my glass. I did a much lighter coat as well.

In process...

And here are the finished jars. I actually went over the yellow one with some orange...and the glue drips give it character:)

I put candles in them with some rice and I actually like the final look. The yellow one isn't all bad, just different and we can roll with different here!

I think it add a pretty glow to candlelight.

Has anybody else tried this? With more or less success? I would love to know!


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