Friday, December 30, 2011

Crafty Bonanza day 30...a framed surprise!

Since we moved in last May, our basement has been pretty empty. However, since the arrival of snow and Andy's new's become the ski room overnight:) I thought it would be fun to put some decorations down there...with skiing, and hiking in I rounded up some frames(3 I had, 2 I needed to buy for a whopping $5) and some fund stuff to put in them.
I made this sign out of black canvas and white fabric from the stash guessed it...fusible webbing!!!

Small map of Anchorage from a free brochure

This is something Andy cut out of a magazine...years ago, but loves dearly so I thought it deserved a frame!

Andy's patch collection...they all were iron ons except the small one, but I just added fusible webbing and voila...I'm going to look for a Chugach State patch for the empty spot. The black fabric is from the stash

This is the whole collection...the picture is of the Alyeska ski patrol this year...he left it in the garage, but I thought it needed a frame:)
Rounding up the price of my project:
1. Ski Patrol Sign: $0
2. Map of Anchorage: $0
3. Ski More sign: $0
4. Patches Picture: $2.00
5. Patrol Picture: $ 3.00
Total: $5.00
Not to shabby, right? It's pretty easy to find things in your house that you can use to make decorations! Andy doesn't know I'm doing this so I'm going to hang all of these up in the basement with a large map of the surrounding mountains, as well as his old skis and surprise him when he gets home...from....skiing of course!
I'll try to post a picture of it when it's all done...should be done later today or tomorrow!

Happy Trails!

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