Sunday, December 11, 2011

Crafty Bonanza Day 11....Mom to the Rescue!!!

Well...Nathania and I both realized that we had nothing to post for today....not super good on that whole planning ahead thing!  What do you do when you need something to post?  You call your mother of course! Without further is our Mom: daughters are getting desperate to keep their promise to post something everyday this month of Dec.
Here's a tree skirt for you non-crafters.
 I was at the fabric store and found some reversible bonded Christmas fabric for only $3.00 a yard seems it had some wrinkles that the store thought would be permanent. I bought 1 1/2 yds, took it home, ironed out the creases. This stuff is great because it does not fray.  I folded it into a triangle and then once again to get 1/4  then I measured and marked the same distance  about 23" from the point and  cut the bottom to make a circle. This is an example of the pattern I used:

 I measured two inches and cut the same for the hole for the tree.
I found some old trim and stitched it all around. I decided that next time a glue gun would be better. I made a cut from the end of the trim to the inner circle.
 Since it is reversible I am going to get some more trim and glue to the other side to cover up the edge.
Voila a two-sided tree skirt.

Turned out great right? Thanks Mom! Love you and appreciate you posting your beautiful tree skirt!!

Happy Sewing!




  1. Great job Aunt Olga! Can't pass up on a great deal like that on material! :o)
    And btw, I love your Christmas tree.... LOL

  2. LOL my tree is still in the box in the basement.


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