Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crafty Bonanza Day 13...ornaments

With the arrival
 of my daughter last September I decided
it would be fun to do a photo ornament each year for
Christmas. Last yr I purchased a store made one (after
Christmas of course when it was clearance)
 but this yr I decided to make one out
of the clear glass ornament balls.

Here's what you will need.
  • package of glass ornament balls
  • vellum                                          
  • scissors                                       
  • a circle template                         
  • printer                                          

First print out your picture on a sheet of vellum. Make
sure to hold onto the end of the paper as it comes out
of the printer because it rolls up on itself since it is so light.
Lay it flat and let it dry completely.

Next cut out your picture using your circle template.
For my circle template I used biscuit cutters but any
household item will work. Find one that is the same
diameter as your glass ornament and trace a circle
around your picture and cut it out.

I left the top of my picture flat and it ended up fitting really well.
Now take the top off the ornament, roll your picture up and stuff it
in. It will unroll itself and you can adjust the position as needed with
pencil. Second to last thing to do is put the top on and voila you have a super cute
picture ornament. Make sure to put the prongs from the ornament top behind
 the picture. Since you used vellum you can see the image on both sides and
the Christmas tree lights shine through it which I think is very pretty.  You can
also experiment with adding beads or anything else to the bottom for added
decorations. Last thing to do is wash the outside with windex to get all the finger
prints off and make it nice and shiny.

Happy crafting

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