Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cowl me Crazy...a tutorial

I was asked by a reader to give the instructions to the cowl I made, this blue one to be more specific.

So, I decided, I can do this, I'll actually figure out what stiches I do and then I'll make a tutorial. Well after a phone call to my mom, google, and trying to upload these pictures to blogger 5 times....yes thats right FIVE times...here is the cowl tutorial!
Here are the materials you'll need:
-crochet hook...I used a 6
-a neck for the cowl
1. Begin by making a chain stitch. I counted mine and I used 90 stitches...but do whatever length you want.

2. Here's the tricky part...after you have your long chain stitch, you're going to want flatten the chain out braid side up, do one full twist so the braid side is up again and then connect

3. Next you're going to do three or four circles(cause remember you connected your chain?) of a single stitch. To do so put the hook into the next loop....
 ...wrap the yarn around the hook and pul through (you'll have two loops on the hook), wrap yarn again and pull through both loops

It should look roughly like this(above)

4. Once you're done with your 3 or 4 circles of single stitch, chain up 3 stitches, then wrap the yarn around and go through the second loop on the base (you'll skip one loop creating the hole)
when it's through the loop wrap and pull through like a single stitch (for you crochet peeps out there it's a double stitch)

 you'll have 3 loops at this point, wrap go through 2 loops, wrap go through 2 loops
It should end up looking like this(above)

5. Chain one stitch

6. Do another double stitch, skiping one loop
-notice in above I am skipping the loop to the right? you need to do that to actually make the holes
when it gets going it will look like this

7. In the blue cowl I did
Chain twist
2 rows of single stitch
1 double
1 single
1 double
1 single
2 rows of single stitch when it was as wide as I wanted it

This is another cowl I made in which I did
Chain twist
4 rows of single stitch
6 rows of double stitch
4 rows of single stitch

There is no right or wrong pattern or width...you can make whatever pattern you like!

Please let me know if I missed anything...
let us see pictures if you make one!

Happy Crocheting!



  1. Nice job on your first tutorial! :o)
    Too bad I have no idea how to crochet... lol

  2. Thanks! It took quite a long time...but I think it turned out well! Nathania said the same thing about crocheting!!!Too funny:)


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