Friday, January 6, 2012

SNOW...and CitraSolv

It's snowing...which in my world means it's not super cold. Yesterday it was -5F so I can deal with snow if the temperature goes up!
Lucy looks a little sad in the picture, but I can guarantee that she loves the snow...and loves rolling and playing in it too!

We frequently go to the dog park to get the energy out after I get home from work...and someone at the dog park, before Christmas put ornaments in the trees giving it a festive look! So fun to see them all:)
 These are the shots I took with my new camera...SO much better! It was a definitely needed upgrade.

And the same people who put up the ornaments keep one tree lit...they change the batteries so it doesn't go out! The dog park we go to has a lake to walk around and it's soo cheery to see the lights when its been dark for so long!
Now to crafty things!
 I have been following this fantastic blog, LilBlueBoo, probably one of my favorites out there. Ashley is a super crafting lady! She has soooo many fantastic ideas, tutorials, clothing lines, and to top it all off she is fighting cancer like a superwoman! You should check it out. Anyways, a while back I saw a tutorial ( which you can find here) about transferring images onto clothes using CitraSolv. Always in the back of my mind that I wanted to try it, I finally found the stuff at Freddies in the Natural Cleaners section. 
Andy has this print that he loves and has for years that has a little skier and says MORE OF THIS....he wanted to make it into a t-shirt, but when he tried online, it was UBER his crafty, frugal, cheap wife decided to try transferring it onto a shirt with CitraSolv. This is the result:
I found the same picture online for was a clipart. I then found a font that looked like it does on the print, put it in word and flipped it. I made a photo-copy of it at school(cause they have the toner you need for this to work). I also used a shirt Andy already had in his closet...just snazzed it up a bit:)
I didn't read the tutorial exactly where it said not to use too much of the solvent....and the image is bleeding a little bit. If it bleed too much I may try it again, but for now it just makes the image look like it's moving:)

These are the pics of the bleeding, so if you try it, make sure not to use too much!
I'll try posting pics of it when he has it on.


P.S. Just found out that we were featured on the The Quick Journey!! 
PPS: Can't figure out how to get her button on here...any help would be appreciated!

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  1. I love lil blue boo too!!!!!!! :o)
    She's a pretty amazing lady...


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