Monday, January 30, 2012


Its been a crazy couple of weeks here...and not a lot of big projects done, but some small happenings...
I scored on some new sweaters for our stash...gotta love the 50% off days at Value Village:) Lots of blues and stripes, yay!
I finished a small project for Aria's room...I've been seeing a a lot of these hoops at VV and thought would be a cute collage in her room...if you want pictures from when they are put up...harass Nathania:)  I made her initial out of white buttons and put her b-day underneath with embroidery floss.

I've also been working on painting this UGLY's almost done being more coat of an accent wall to paint, and the poop brown is gone. WooHoo! I will be posting more pictures of the before and after stay tuned:)

So hows that for a random post? What have you been working on?

Happy Day!


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