Thursday, January 19, 2012

cold and crabby...

 Anybody else out there ever used model magic by Crayola? It's pretty nifty stuff!
I've been using model magic with my students this week...I made the crab as an example.
Whats so cool about this stuff? It comes white and you can color it with markers and either let it stay that way or mix it into the model magic for an overall color. You can even put a couple of stripes on the clay and mix it so it gets a marble look. It hardens in a day or two and then you have a sculpture. Pretty cool in my opinion:)
I had my students make their favorite animals...some looked great, some...well you have to use your imagination! I couldn't resist taking a picture of the penguin one of my students cute!(you'll have to turn your head sideways...couldn't get the picture to rotate!!!)
If you have kids I highly recommend the stuff...lots of fun to play with!

Happy Sculpting!
(this is just my opinion of the stuff...not a paid review...I just really like it!)


  1. That looks like fun stuff. Where do they sell it?

    VERY CUTE PENGUIN! I am having the same problems with pictures on face. I finally loaded it sideways and it came out straight.

  2. I think they sell it at Meijers...just look in the stationary or crafty kids area. I'm sure they sell it at Michaels too.


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