Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the sweater stash

We decided that we needed a better way to stash our sweaters that we use to make our mittens that we are going to sell at some craft shows, and Nathania had a space in her craft closet that needed a little reorganizing so we moved the stuff from the before picture and........

...this is what we came out with.

It's so much more organized than the boxes we had them in and now we are able to see what we have and put together different color combinations without digging and digging through boxes! We have received alot of these sweaters from a co-worker of mine...she originally donated some sweaters she already had, but wasn't able to wear and then got us a whole bunch more! Often I come into work and there is another bag of sweaters on my desk:) She's so sweet! We have just about every color imaginable and can make any combo of if there is anyone who is interested in some mittens let us know;)

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