Saturday, September 3, 2011


....for cold hands= mittens!!!! As sad as it sounds it is officially fall up here in the great land, the leaves are starting to turn and some have even dropped. There is also a significant chill in the air inherant with fall, and a certain smell. I love the change of seasons...always my favorite times of year and summer to fall is one of my favorites.
 We've been working on things we're going to be selling at a craft fair this fall. We've got a lot of work to do and will be showcasing the projects as we finish.
We're making most of the things we're going to sell out of recycled felted sweaters.
Here are some of the mittens I just finished. They are all lined with fleece and are SOOOOO warm.!!!

 We are making two different sizes...small and large...and have found that most people are comfortable in the sizes, but we can make bigger or smaller ones:)
We are trying to use up the entire sweater and are also making these balls with the scraps. Nathania's daughter loves playing with these because they are soft and grippable(made up word I know:). We are also going to make smaller ones about the size of a baseball that are easier to grip.

Thats all for now...happy sewing!


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  1. Sarah! Love these mittens! Granma VanderMale had a pair made for all the girls last year and they are the best! So warm. I wish I was around to craft more with you :( I'm working on knitting a scarf, half way done, I'll send a pic when I'm finished. Keep up the awesome work. Miss you


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