Saturday, November 12, 2011

Alaskan Christmas Bazaar

We survived our 2nd craft fair of the year! We were at the Alaskan Christmas Bazaar today and had a very successful day! We had a lot more room at this show, and were able to add another table. It was much less cramped than the bazaar last week.
 We added some little felted wreaths...but had no where to stick being the ingenious and completely cheap frugal girls that we are we used sticks! Anchorage has been dumped on with snow this week, so early this morning I went out to the back yard with a hand saw and cut some branches. Lets just say I got a little wet with all the snow falling on me from the sawing the branches down and lets not forget the cute black puppy stealing the branches to mulch in our lawn. However I was successful at bringing in some sticks and we very much enjoyed the look we achieved with them...what say you?
When we saw where our booth was...we weren't too sure...there was a itty bitty bathroom with no door that the day care uses right next to us...but it got covered and we ended up really liking the location we had. We even requested it for next year! Hopefully procrastination won't be the name of the game...but we're planning on going back!

When we got our information for this bazaar, it stated that there would be a competition for the "Most Festive Booth" and who doesn't want to win? We may at times be called competitive...perhaps a little too competitive, but needless to say we both dug into our Christmas boxes to decorate a little :)
We bought nothing extra, just put some of our own decorations up and guess what?

(yeah I know you probably already guessed...but we were pretty pleased)
We received a free coffee from the coffee stand...not the biggest prize but we got bragging rights and a awesome sign to display!

Overall today was grrreat!!
 (as Tony the Tiger would say)
We had a great time hanging out together...which of course is the best part... hanging out with your best friend all day!

Happy Sewing!



  1. Very nice job, ladies! Was it extremely successful for you?
    PS I think I found out why I couldn't comment on your blog! When I signed in under my google acocunt, I have to make sure to UNCLICK the box that says 'keep me signed in', or I can't comment!

  2. Thanks, it was quite successful!! It was a lot of fun too:) Thanks for the information about commenting. I think for a while it was a blogger thing, but has been fixed!


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