Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas Towne Bazaar

After a lengthy are some pics to show what we've been up too! After procrastinating all summer(because procrastinating is our middle name) a fire was lit under our respective bottoms and we have been frantically preparing for our first craft show.

With only minimal inventory we had to get our rears in gear and we were able to make half of what we thought would be necessary, to complete two different craft shows...yes we said that...two two weeks! Nuts...yes crazy, procrastinating, squirrelly sisters signed up for two shows in two weeks...did I mention that we are procrastinators? Also did I mention that our first show was one of the biggest bazaars in Anchorage?

Needless to say we had many a late night, but after surviving our first and not selling completely out of stuff, we're doing alright:)

This is a picture of our booth of the show today. We think it actually ended up pretty darn cute! We had slippers on the tree and some people thought that they were actually ornaments! We actually had one lady buy three pairs for her future grandkids...and wanted to use them as ornaments. She was a hoot and a half!
We met some very interesting people and it's crazy fun to see all the different people an personalities that show up at the show. 

 We scored this great vintage suitcase awhile back for $15, and it was a great display case for the pack up was super easy...just close the lid and carry it out!

Like the random pieces of paper?...our signage was less than something to be desired, so we made some awesomely tacky signs to make do. We've learned a thing or two and signage is definately something we need to work on!

Overall, today was highly successful. We conquered our first craft show, learned a thing or two and had a blast doing it!

Happy Sewing!

Nathania and Sarah

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  1. Your table looks adorable! I'm glad to hear it went well. I can't wait to hit up some craft fairs this fall.


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