Thursday, July 5, 2012

carrots and lace

or should I say lace and carrots?
I got this lace at VV a couple of days ago for 2 bucks. yup all that lace for two dolla! Do you know how much it would have cost at Joann's? So much that I wouldn't have bought it!
What does a modern girl, whose already married do with all this lace?
 Dye it of course!!!!!
I put all the lace into one pot o blue dye and they all came out at the same time. No joke. Dye gets picked up differently depending on the material. I used the Royal Blue from RIT and added a little of the Pearl Grey to soften it a bit.
Now the real question is....what am I going to do with it? I'll let you all stew on that for a bit while I go catch me some salmon.

In other news today, I picked some of my carrots. They are horribly small and I probably should have left them in the ground....except that I didn't thin out my seedlings and just planted them in the ground....bad idea. All of the carrots came out in one tug. Lesson learned, thin out your seedlings or this will happen:

They'll hug each other and never want to let go!

I must say that I really do like the two color together...and they'll probably taste alright. But carrots aren't meant to hug.



  1. Combine some of the colors and make some of those great headbands you do (starch the lace first). Or sew it in rows on an underneath fabric for a skirt for the little one. Different colors for the rows. Aren't carrots fun. Eat some salmon for me, I love it.

  2. That's crazy ! I have never died anything before but all the different shades looks cool , couldn't tell you what to do with it but I'm sure you will find something! You guys should come by for dinner and talk garden with Aaron! It's his passion lol I can't complain though .


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