Friday, August 3, 2012

How does your garden grow?

I HATE slugs!!!  They gross me out soooo much. Besides being nasty and being way too fond of my lettuce why do they have to be so slimy!!! Yuck!!  I removed 10 of them from one of my poor plants....not sure if it will make a comeback but at least they have left the rest of my veggies alone. I remembered that I had purchased some Escar-Go (slug bait) last year so I dug it out and applied it liberally. Hopefully it saves my last lettuce plant!  My other plants are doing well and slug free :)! I just got my first zucchini of the summer and my squash are starting to grow!!! Yay!!

As you can see I have enough kale for a long time!! 
 I'm going to have to come up with a few more recipes than kale chips and boerekol to use it all up!

My sugar snap peas are huge this year and super tasty! 
Aria agrees as well and was eating them like candy!

Flowers from my garden
(delphinium, peony's and yarrow)



  1. When we were in North Carolina I had slugs all over my garden. So icky.... Someone there told me to put beer in a shallow dish and place it in your garden. The slugs will crawl in and die. Maybe they get so drunk they can't crawl out and drown? I never tried it before we moved, but I don't know what's more gross, slugs all over my plants or a dish full of dead/drunken slugs.

  2. And I sprayed a 50-50 vinegar and water solution on my plants, which seemed to ward off the slugs and some other annoying bugs. Good luck.
    Evonne Plantinga


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