Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Munchies: Smoothie Time

What does one do when one has over-ripe peaches, frozen blueberries and a mango that needs to be eaten?
Put them in the food processor of course!

I would put them into a blender, but we don't have one...wah wah wah...

But let me tell was still tasty.

Homemade Super Easy Smoothie
a handful of frozen blueberries
1 ripe peach chopped up
1 mango chopped up
put into the food processor
add a dash of OJ to make it a bit more liquidy
put into a cup with a goes down faster and you'll think you paid 8 bucks for it.

I would recommend using a blender, if ya have one!

Happy Monday!


  1. Looks yummy!Can't wait to see what you have coming next MOnday. I have a blender that I hardly ever use! lol

  2. Ooh yum! I love smoothies. Especially ones that taste like they cost $8. ;)

    So glad to have you along for the craft challenge!! :)

  3. You should start haunting thrift stores (maybe ask the staff to let you know if one comes in). I have been adding kale and spinach. It does make it a 'special color'... but, it tastes good. I can buy frozen fruit at a reasonable price, so I put in mango, peaches, fresh bananas, an apple, the vegetables... Anyway, it makes so much, I freeze half for another day.


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