Friday, August 3, 2012

little bit of this and that

My new year's resolution to declutter has not been successful!  My craft room is a disaster and my sewing corner is covered in so many layers of junk it's hard to find anything and deters any kind of sewing. I won't even go into what the rest of the house looks like! Yesterday I tackled my sewing corner and after getting rid of several layers I found leftover quilt squares and I got much for cleaning! I turned them into a bib for Aria as she is an exuberant eater and her current stash of bibs are too small to cover her exuberance and her clothes :)! I used on old bib as a template and made it wider and longer.  While it's not too pretty it's functional and successfully covered her exuberance at lunch today! :)

I also have been working on getting rid of some of the lovely 70's decor in my bathroom.  I didn't want to do a whole bathroom overhaul so I settled for changing out the counter top, mirror and light fixture. I settled on that months ago but after taking down the mirror not much was getting done.

The counter transformation kit I had inherited was collecting dust in the garage and while I was in the process of getting the counter ready not much got accomplished til my mom was here. She is a go getter and I always get a lot done while she is here. She is the best!  I sanded the counter, applied the sealant, decorative chips and sanded them down.

 counter without the top sealant

Finished product

Doesn't that look better?  I have a white sink that I got at the habitat restore that I think will look much better than the yellow sink!!  I also have the new mirror and light fixture ready to be put in as soon as I patch up the wall and do a bit of painting.  I can't wait til it's all done!  I promise to post pics once it's all done!



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