Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: sugar scrub

I've decided to do a series on items you can make as Christmas Gifts. I will create a tutorial on each item in the series, so you'll have plenty of instructions!
Now why am I doing this so early? Because we all need time to do it. I also think that homemade Christmas gifts, or gifts in general can have so much more meaning. You took the time to make something, which shows you care.
Levels of difficulty will vary from super easy to a little more difficult. Hope you all enjoy it and are able to get some good ideas for some homemade gifts.

For the first tutorial we're going to make something really easy. And fast. oh and cheap frugal!
Sugar Scrub!
You will need:
Dawn dish detergent with Olay
Containers to put it in...I used small mason jars

1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of salt
1/4 of a bottle of dawn soap

Mix it all together. You can put more or less detergent depending on the consistency of the scrub you want.

Put into a couple of jars and enjoy!
You could use small Tupperware jars, mason jars, or reuse a small bottle.
Put a ribbon around it and you have a delicious smelling scrub!
Use on hands and feet as a great exfoliant.

Happy Gifting!



  1. Hmm, some birthdays coming up, thanks for the idea.

  2. I made some last night. I didn't have Dawn with aloe so I scraped in the inside of an aloe leaf.
    I used it on my UGLY gardening feet and I must say they haven't been this clean and soft for a long time.
    Thanks for the idea!
    I'm keeping mine. Perhaps I'll make some as gifts the next time!


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