Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: smash recipe book

Ready for another gift idea? Here we go:
Recipe Smash Book
You will need:
Smash Book...Micheal's, use a coupon!
recipes that have been put on cards, cut from magazines, printed...and are making a mess!

You'll need some washi tape and some glue. 
And some way to label your sections. I used the card dividers from a recipe box.

Glue the recipe dividers on the different pages to divide each of the sections...desserts, main dishes, etc.

Then use the washi tape to put the recipes into the book. If you have cards that have more writing on the back...just attach it on the top so you can flip the card up to read the back.

You can also hand write some new recipes into the book to make it even more personal. With the magazine recipes I cut out the picture too so I still have the perty visual to go with the recipe. The smash book is about the same size as a lot of cook books and is a great way to organize the recipes and get rid of clutter. It also would be a great present for those who are just starting out...leaving some extra room for them to add their own recipes.

Happy Smashing!


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