Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Munchies: cheese spinach roll-ups

Friends of ours have recently gone onto the adventure of becoming vegans...without oil. I'm not sure I could do it! Anyways, they had a whole bunch of food that they didn't want to go to waste, so they asked if we wanted it. Do we say no to free food? NO WAY JOSE! We received a bunch of cheese--like a whole box full, some other random ingredients, salad dressing, oh and did I mention cheese?

Now, being a good dutch girl, cheese is one of my food groups. I love me some good cheese!
So we had a group at church to go to with a potluck, and I looked at some of the things they had given us to come up with a dish to bring.
I had a roll of crescent I decided to go out to my garden and grab some spinach.

I cut each crescent roll into three pieces, so I would have more:) I added some Havarti cheese, some spinach and rolled them up!

I baked them according to the package on the crescent rolls....but watch them because they are smaller portions...therefore cooking faster. 

I added some Parmesan cheese on the top just to add a little more flavor. They were delicious little bites!

Happy cooking!

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