Wednesday, September 5, 2012

anniversary trip

Three weeks ago...yup I'm behind at posting...but anyways, about three weeks ago, Andy and I celebrated our anniversary. We've done the going out for a nice dinner thing, and thought we should do something different. So we decided to be "tourists!" In a state that has great stock in tourism it wasn't difficult:)
We were able to get a great deal at Aleyska--the fanciest hotel in also happens to be the only ski resort up here. So we headed down to Girdwood for the evening. When we got there we found out we had a great view of the mountain! We traipsed around the grounds a little bit. Taking pictures of the ginormous begonias and such.
The next morning we got up and headed down to Seward to go kayaking. Our friends Peter and Alex had been up the week before and had gone...recommending it highly even though they went in the pouring rain. So we thought we would try it. We've never been kayaking up here and there was a coupon! 


We had really nice rain. Now to explain something about Seward. It rains there...all.the.time. We had some cloud coverage at the beginning but it let up and we were able to get some great views.
We did the 8 hour trip, which included getting out at Cains Head...and hiking up to an abandoned fort from WWII. It was really neat, and the view from up top was spectacular!
Overall we had a great time celebrating our anniversary and have decided that doing something touristy was the way to go...maybe it will become a tradition!

Do you have any anniversary traditions?



  1. Very pretty picture of the mountains. Doesn't look like you went to tourist traps, just pretty scenery.

  2. yeah, not tourist traps...but not something locals do all the time:)


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