Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some of my latest projects...finally

Here are some of my latest projects...

I purchased a little dresser for $5 at a garage sale eons ago and the plan was to redo it for Aria's room. Instead it languished in purgatory, I mean my garage, after receiving it's initial coat of new white paint. In a sudden fit of crafty energy I decided to get the poor dresser out of purgatory and into a nicer location. I modged podged some cute scrapbooking  paper onto the drawer fronts and added some IKEA knobs that I had laying around.

Small note to self: after modge podging said paper onto chosen surface, do not apply top coat right away as it makes it impossible to get paper bubble free...one SHOULD put modge podge to the back of the paper, place it on said surface, in this case drawer fronts and smooth out all the bubbles and let it dry.  :-). To ensure the paper stayed flat and bubble free I put the drawers paper side down on a flat surface with weight inside the drawer and let them dry overnight. I then applied 3 coats to the top of the paper and once it was dry I drilled holes for the knobs and VOILA it was done!

 I love how it turned out and decided it would go great in my craft room!

My next project was my poor craft room...or junk room as it has turned into!!!
Sarah came over one day in a whirlwind and declared Operation Clean-up Craft Room had commenced...


She even got me this awesome chair and footstool to create a little corner just for me to relax in sans child toys and household mess!  She also made the pictures hanging on the wall. Sisters are the best!!  Especially mine!! Love you Sarah!  Doesn't the dresser look nice?

My final project was this coat rack. I had purchased some cool old door knobs in Michigan years ago and spent a long time trying to find some more. Then for my birthday one year my awesome friend Lisa bought me some!!  I was soo excited!  With some help from my husband I got the knobs spaced evenly (I may have issues with measuring) up on the board and then maybe months later, I know, I know I'm horrible at completing anything in a timely fashion, I got it up on the wall. I love the character it adds to the entryway!

What have you been working on?

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