Saturday, October 19, 2013

Here birdie, birdie...

We've been busily crafting away on mittens, slippers, Christmas trees and such to get ready for the craft fair season.
But I thought we needed to add something to the repertoire.
A little bird perhaps?
Yup, I think a couple of bird ornaments were just what was needed.

Love birds or Turtle Doves...whichever you prefer.
Like them so much you want one for your mantel?
Yup...we got those too.
Our little birds will be making their debut at the Alaskan Christmas Bazaar on the 9th of November.
Sarah and Nathania


  1. Aw...... I LOVE those!!! I just made one out of felt that I am going to share on my blog.....I still have a blog, yes!!!! ;) But now I want to make one out of sweater fabric...... too cute!

  2. P.S. Those little birdies would also make an adorable baby mobile!!!

  3. These little birdies are so cute! Awesome job. You never fail to amaze, and inspire me to bust out my sewing machine... Hope you and Ress are doing great! Miss you guys


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