Monday, September 9, 2013

Recycling center...

I'm about to show you a cleaning up before this post:)
This shelf has housed our recycling before it goes outside into the big recycling bin for the last two years. As you can has also become the dumping grounds for everything else as well. Bottles and paper were always falling off and it was getting really annoying.
So one day I was in the garage and saw a can of stain left over from doing our headboard. Not one to want to waste anything, I got the brush out and decided to stain the shelf that held our at least it would look nicer!
Thinking I needed to do something to organize the chaos that was the shelf...I moseyed on over to Joann's and got two unstained crates.  Which I then proceeded to spray paint with the purple spray paint that I had in the garage...we're going for low cost here...but what happened?
Not enough spray paint. So I got a black can of spray paint out and it became a hodge-podge paint job of what was in the garage. And then I loaded it all back into the house...
Doesn't it look better? I'm not super sold on the purple, but I think it's kinda funky and am gonna work with it for now. It has made recycling so much easier! All we have to do is take the crate down and dump it in, instead of awkwardly carrying as much as you could, dropping something every two seconds!
You know what's even better? It only cost about 14 bucks. (crates were on sale).
What do you think?

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