Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall is upon us

Fall is upon least up here in Alaska.

Which means, rain, the fair, school starting, us attempting to keep up on blogging, rain...and by the time you all have "fall" we will have snow:)

Fall also means the beginning of the madness that is craft season.
Long nights, wool and fabric everywhere, panic....
You think I jest, but we are the biggest procrastinators on the planet, but we really have had two years which that is the case. Most people would learn and work ahead of time, at least those who value their sleep...which we always intend to do, and should, because let me tell you the husbands are not too keen on the living rooms looking like crap for the next three months.

And amazingly enough I have done just that...Mom don't die of shock...we are well stocked on headbands and wreaths. I've been after Nathania to get started on the ornaments, and I think she has 4 cut out!

We also have been working on some new projects.

Projects that we would like opinions on. Please, please let us know what you brutal because we want to make things that are liked...and not waste time on the others.

Project #1 - winter hats
Made with a wool outer layer and fleece inner layer. We have 2 sizes adult and child at this time. My apologies for the pics...I hate taking pics of myself :) and my little model doesn't stay still long or enjoy modeling unless bribed with I'm ok with some blurry ones! 

Let us know what you think and more projects will be coming shortly! 

Nathania and Sarah

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