Thursday, June 30, 2011

foot rest

A while back I got this foot stool at a garage was one of those where you could fill a box for ten in went the stool and a lot of other goodies...the lady just laughed:)
The stoll itself was in pretty good condition, but the cover was plastic, old-school, and just plain ugly in my humble opinion. So I took the ugly plastic cover off, only to find....
straw. Yup this baby is so old school that the padding is straw. So I quickly covered the straw up with an airline blanket I had laying did just as well as extra batting would have, but not so expensive. Plus I didn't really have any batting to use.

Isn't it lovely?
After the make-shift batting al la airline blanket, I covered it with some fantastic upholstry fabric that I scored on at a garage sale ( I like garage sales...can you tell?). The fabric is this lovely green, velvety, prettiness...I could sleep on it it's that soft! This is the result:

For my first time reupholstering something I don't think I did to shabby of a's a little wrinkled around some the edges, but overall I really like how it turned out:) What do you think?


  1. Nice job! And no wonder the lady was laughing at you... it USED to be very ugly! LOL

  2. Very cute...and practical!

  3. Nice cute post i like it.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    z rest footrest

  4. Nice post. I like the foot stool. I will be looking at resale shops in a new way.


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